The orchids survived the night

"I think... I'm lost."

I almost fainted. She don't like them? I thought.

"I'm near the place you brought me last time. How do I get to Jalan Ampang?"


She wasn't in the office when they reached. I was worried. I called her back just to make sure.

"Are you going in the office later?" It was almost 6.

"No. Why?"

"Er... nothing. Just asking. How about tomorrow?"

"Yeah, should be. Why?"

lah. Just... go in the office, okay?" Afraid they might not make it until the next day.

"Why? What you did!?"

"Nothing! You'll know when you get in tomorrow. Just go in." Trying hard not to spoil it.


We both laughed.
Tak boleh tahan.

"Wei!" Zoky called early in the morning.

They did their magic!

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