We made technology

It has been two days the office is offline.

It wasn't the Macs and PCs. The routers and modem are fine. Not the cables and land line either. After been thrown around by the ISP
(you know who), what shocked us is that they said we didn't pay the "multimedia" bill for almost a year.

Biar betul?

We shifted nearly a year ago. The
bill, was sent to the old office. Apparently someone forgot to change address. Hence, our connection has been deactivated. Aren't whatever bills that got to do with the "land line" suppose to be in one bill?

These two days got me thinking; what
was before the internet?


Did we rely too much on it?

always "online" if I'm awake. At home or office. I logged on full time to chat, occasionally on social networking site, aside from surfing porns stimulating the creative juice, and other work-related research.

I can live without it when I'm outside.

"Internet" wasn't introduced to me until the mid 90s. And I've only got my own line when I started college. After so many years, there is
nothing left to surf. But I still frowned at bad connection. If I'm in front of the computer. Doing nothing.

Give these simple things a ponder:

Can you live without handphone?

Can you
still drive with manual transmission?

Can you sleep without the air-cond?

Was these habit? Have we became too dependent on them? Or that we are too used to them, they became an addiction?

There will be a point when technology ceased to advance. What's next when the LCD is paper thin? Is there a term call
highest definition? How small would you want your handphone to be when it's already one cell size and implanted in your body? So why bother?

Technology is suppose to improves our lives. Don't let technology made us.

But tell me how.

Hope tomorrow is not the third day.

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