Dear orchids

I never understand the concept of women-and-flowers.

I can't deny I have given them. Once, in each relationship. And that's it, nothing more. I rather spent it on "tangible" gifts. Something that could be use. Something that could last. E
ven just as a deco.

Or simply, a fancy dinner that we both enjoy.

When I was about to enter the front, my heart pounded violently with both excitement and fear. The excitement of finally decided to do it. The fear of disappointment that might come later. When was the last time I felt this way? I couldn't remember.

But what had gotten into me?

What I did today, is beyond me. It may be the only time, in years to come. Why I'm doing this? I do not know. Am I being blinded? I'm not sure.

Is it just an
acquaintance? Or a coincidence that we met?

Is it the way you look at me? Or the way you made me stare?

Is it the way you talk? Or the way you made me listen?

I wish I knew. But it's an answer I could not find.

I wished I could pen all this down on the card. I just can't.

It is really, really hard for me. It is even harder between "being friend", or "something more". I hope for the latter, and certainly don't want to lose the first.

To my petal friends, I leave it all to you this coming day. When you've reached upon her hands, mesmerize her with your colours, drown her with your fragrance, bring a smile to her.

Show her the bouquet of hope.

Zoky, even if things don't work out, even if I lose either, I hope one day you will come across this. One day...

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  1. I agree with you. I could never understood the concept of flowers, either. I prefer bright shiny things from that corner store in KLCC called Tiffany *laughs*