"You gay!"

I got this a lot. If so happen Once a Turbo was lepak-ing at my house, and he saw me in front of the mirror. But seriously, what is wrong with guys who groom? Yes. I pluck my brow.

Does that make me gay?

Let's start with things that guys won't "normally" do, that I did.

I have stud on my left lobe.
I shaves my pubic. I bought sanitary pads. I chose/bought lingerie. I had nail polish on. I washed panties and bras before. I wore panties before. I cling on guys arm, or the other way round.

Lot's of guys have piercings. No? Just that I'm not to the extreme of getting it on my nipples or penis. Some pakcik/
makcik will stared at me with their "Budak ni jantan ke betina?" look. I get worst from Chinese. There's a saying that pierced males are for those who can't live through young age.

What is wrong with shaving the pubic? If I'm lazy, I just shave the sides and trim the front. Girls shave to feel sexy. Me the same. Girls have bikini lines. I don't want them poking out from the sides too. It's cleaner. It's neater. It looks bigger.

Some guys are against buying sanitary pads. With their pantang larang and other bullshits. Let's just say when your girls are sick, you still wanna drag her out? Let them rest lah. Please. Get the brand, drive to the nearest 7 Eleven, grab, pay, and go. Grab some drinks, some snacks,
Durex, or Marlboro on your way out.

Some guys shyly waited for their girls in front of the lingerie shop. Go in only to pay. Look, she still gonna
wear it in front of you. For you. Go in and choose something you like. I would willingly choose with my girls. Forcefully preferably go in the fitting room together.

Some girls uses their guys as a white mice for nail polish. An ex does that. I'm okay with that, seriously. I just let it washes off by themselves. Or let the girls wash it for me. Feeling their fingers running around mine. It's half massage. Isn't that nice?

Another pantang larang for washing bras and panties. You can pull them off during sex. I'm sure some sniff them too. I do. But you can't wash them? Is that an excuse? What about them washing yours? You'll get to know what size are they wearing, if you don't already. Or notice any heavier unwashed discharge. It could be cervical cancer. You might wanna bring them to a gynae.

No! I wear panties not without the knowledge of my girls. I wear them on "request". You know, sometimes been doing the same thing, just wanna be a little adventurous. Just wanna feel naughtier during foreplay. Nothing is wrong with that. The sex feels different. Trust me.

Once, we were window shopping. Fun Size saw some girls holding their hands together
. She cringed at the thought of guys who hold hands. Just for the fun of it, Since Primary Two immediately wrapped his arm around mine. To further provoke her, with added value, he grabbed my butt. We looked at her and said, "So?".

What these made me? Is there a term call "monotype"? I can't say I'm not. There are things that I'm "against" too. Maybe later.


  1. WOOOO HHHOOOOOOOOOO! *cough cough* Just so you know, you made me choke and splutter my coffee all over the keyboard. *tsk tsk*

    Nah, I dun think you are gay at all. You just can't bitch loud enough like them to save your life *laughs*

    More likely, you are Metrosexual. Like David Beckam, and Ryan Seacrest, and that Oh-so-yummy, Tony Leung. *smirks*

    But there's one thing I must point out tho' -- I noticed that ppl working in certain fields esp the creative sectors tend to dress up/behave rather gay. Am wondering - is this 'coz it is EXPECTED of them to behave as such (altho' it is so obvious they are not gay at all)? Or is it peer pressure? Or are they just trying to kick things up one notch to shock and awe and then, gauge the reaction of ppl around them? And I guess this is where things start to become stereotypical.

  2. Really ar? AHaHhAHA. Sorry laa. Don't mean to. :P

    I'm no where like them. Though a friend of Mother's did mention I resembled Tony. Don't naik steam ar! When I heard of this, I gave Mother the WTF look. Not even close. The stubble? Nah!

    I don't follow what's "in" in trends. I dress to feel comfy. I dresses like me. Waxes my hair when I'm out. I'm the jeans kinda guy. With iconic t-shirts or shirts. Though they are more towards the brighter striking colours. Occasionally short pants if I know I won't be seeing clients that day. Definitely short pants if I go on shoots. Damn hot leh outside moving around.

    Since Primary Two is in those range. He's in the fashion line. Obviously he's not gay. But almost all the other people are. My ex writer, not Buddy, the one before him. He's gay. But his fashion sense is even worst than me. Buddy a Muslim, very holy. Don't dress like one. He gives people that "You really in advertising ar?" impression.

    Working in the creative line for long enough, what you said is half true. A lot of creatives don't dress like one. Some look like a typical Chinese firm accountant. Very geeky. This is true. You can randomly pick a bunch from any shopping complex. And we (me) look just like that.

    But I noticed the younger ones, those who are just out of ad/art schools dresses like one when they start work. I think they just wanna blend in to the "crowd".

    How one dress or act is more of a choice, I guess.

  3. Love this post and thanks for ya comment on my blog ;)

    PS: Screw all the pantang larang laaaaaa!

  4. okaay...i get it, u're not gay :P. but yeah, the 'gay' things u do for ur gal is pretty sweet. 'cept for the panty wearing. wait. my bf did that. just he couldnt get it pass his knees. so no judging :D

  5. There's a hell lot more which is not in the list, Amanda.

    Groom their brows.

    Pluck their armpits; only if I'm free. I'm very anal about this. I may spent couple of hours on the pits alone.

    Love carrying their bags.

    Love to help them wear their heels. I have a thing for their feet. :P

    Dan lain-lain lagi.

    But that don't make me gay, okay? Not even with quotes! Oh, what happened to your boy? It's already halfway there... his manly conscious came back just in time? :D