That's an extra 2 horsepower

For the truck.

Saw these while I'm on my way back the other day.

What is the dewan bandaraya doing with them? Is there really a need to rear horses? Ride them to write saman ar? To illegally parked golf carts? Or sweep the street à la polo style
? At least there is something different to see while being stuck in the same traffic, on the same road.

Tried searching their portal rasmi about the horses, for any upcoming annual events that involve the horses, or any equestrian competition of some sort.

"Server not found"
Just as I expected.

Tried again before posting this. Wow! That. Is. Slow. Fuck it.


  1. I remember seeing this once. Along Sg Besi. On one of my leisurely drives to KLIA to fetch The Husband. And I remembered thinking: Ain't these horses traumatised by all these shaking and rocking and braking?

    Poor horses.

  2. They should have at least bring them around in larger trucks.
    Wait till the PETA see these.