We, darlings

"Eh, you know Fun Size is angry every time you call me "darling" ar? Fucking dumb, man!"

HAhAhAhAhAhA... She don't understand how bros are we lah. If she don't like, I'll cut it off lor."

"Not in front of her lah. Some people don't understand the love between buddies. Some more, it's coming from you wei... not a girl!"

"If it's from a girl even worst, right?"

"If girls straight kena fuck 'dy. HHAhAHAh. Yay! Girl fight, girl fight! HAhAHAhAhAhA. Anyway, sending my daughter home. Catch ya later, darling!"

We lost count.

Unless we do some math. 23 years, and counting. Twenty three effing years. I knew Since Primary Two since primary two... duh!
That explains the name.

I'm not gonna repeat what others had said. If a buddy never gone through things with you, you still have a long, long way to brave. But just to let you have some concepts to grasp of how bros are we - we call each other that. Not in a gay way, but... yeah. Up to a point it annoys you-know-who.

For another 23 years to come.

If we have that long to live.

I love you, darling.


  1. lol!!! Aw, wat a sweet darlings. :) Too bad my darlings are so far away and we seldom keep in touch now, hence Darling now become Hi bye Frens :'(

  2. You know what, Venie?

    We had passed that stage of separation for a good few years (some other time on this story, perhaps). We became hi-byes, eventually strangers.

    We've worked things out, and got back into each other's life... wait... that sounded wrong so in many levels... but you know what I meant lah... :P

    I tell you what.

    Hold on to your darlings. That few precious ones. Pick up the phone now. Give them a call. Catch up. Really.

    I regretted when I neglected them last time. When I came back into their pictures, they accept me with an open arm. Which makes me even more guilty.

    Buddies are hard to find, moreover to keep. Trust me, it's worth your time.