We got lucky

We were invited for The Cinema's anniversary party.

As I'm the creative who did the anniversary video and other collateral, I got an invitation too.

What else you expect from a party like these? Buffet. Alcohols. Well, they are a cinema chain, premiere screening, of course. And lucky draw.

Of all the media / business partners that were invited that night, we were really lucky. As much as I wished, it's not scoring-a-night-with-the-lady-you've-been-eyeing-the-whole-night kinda lucky.

We were the only company that got picked more than once in the lucky draw. The suit that deals directly with this client was one. Nothing too great. Just gold class tix of any movie for two. And I'm sure you know who's the other lucky one.

I have till end of November to claim them.

What's nice coming up?

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