Dumbstruck silly

This is just another one of those I-can't get-myself-to-sleep-and-my-mind-started-to-wander-off-to-recent-happenings post.

My producer showed me something she bought... I think I should rephrase this... was pestered by her kids to get the other day.

Two packs of it. 20-odd bucks each.

What the fuck are those!? Parents! Can shed me some lights here?

It's just coloured rubber bands! With angles! Well, okay... the only cool thing about this rubber is that it goes back to the original shape when it's taken off from the wrist, or any other body parts in that matter. But what warrants them for selling it that much? Raw latex as a commodity are traded fairly in the market. How much R&D is involved? And it's not even a rare material. Like, like, I don't know... uranium? Plutonium? Hope these words don't bring the FBIs / CIAs at my doorway in the morning.

What is even more ridiculous is the pack that comes with a Marvel's, yes, the comic giant brand stamp, is more expensive by another 2 freaking bucks!

These people are seriously making money from children.

Yes. She's pissed too.


  1. 'There have been incidents where children have cut off circulation by extending several Silly Bandz up their arms, in some cases causing serious injuries' - wikipedia


  2. waaa.... u want me to post laju u some? that Rubber band is very cheap in Brunei, Abt BND1 for 5 pcs I think. Or mayve u can find at the Supersave store too. BUt then I never buy those cos I know they are useless. :)

  3. Exactly, Tea, exactly! I wonder which toy distributor brought them in.

  4. You see lah, Venie. For dollar-to-dollar it's cheap over there in Brunei. A 20-buck rubber packed in a set of 20 is seriously too much.

  5. lol!!! luckily it's not in trend in Brunei. I was tempt to buy it when I saw those band in SuperSave store but then to think again, they might become useless. So I just give up that thought :0)