Got a call from The Hexagon today, trying to sell their credit cards.

If I remember, Lizzy wrote something similar before. Are you here? Hello?... Anyway, how do you handle them? The telemarketers? But whatever your way is, be gentle to them if they are not rude. They are merely doing their job.

My replies to them revolves around these variance,

Being nice,

"I'm not interested."

Being annoyed. If they're too persistent pushy,

"I'm. Not. Interested."

A half-lie,

"One of your colleague called me [insert period of date / time] ago. Please refer to him / her."

The truth,

"I'm not comfy in doing any sales through the phone. If I'm interested, I'll walk straight to the counter myself."

And, an experience,

"Wait, wait, wait. Before you go any further, I want you to know I was once in telesales before. I know how all these work... I'm not interested. But thanks for the effort."

Yes. I was one before.

More to come.


  1. huh. if i just keep ignoring their calls, will they eventually stop? or will i be haunted forever?

  2. You. Will. Be. Haunted. Forever. hAhAhAhAhA...

    That's how they work, Amanda. Even if you've turned down one, others will call you. Your contact details will be pass around.

    And the thing they said 'bout "We protect the privacy of our customers", or "We will not sell your details to other companies"? Especially when you sign up for "anything"?

    Is all nothing but a bull.

  3. Luckily Brunei don have this kinda crap and usually if we did receive this crap is always from China or overseas and usually are scam :P

  4. So peaceful, Venie. At least half of the problem... is not even a problem.