You know you're old when...

Was strolling along the mall blankly, pacing my way to the office, I bumped into Since Primary Two with the daughter and ex-wife...


"Eh? Oh... hey..."

"Shopping ar? (Looking at my tag) Oh... work..."

"Yea lah..."

"Goin' off 'dy?"

"Nah lah. I just reached."

"Serious ar!?"

"Yea lah... (while pinching the cheek of his little daughter)... Hi Miniature SPT!"

"(Looking at the daughter) Call uncle Birthmark..."

"Don't call me uncle! Call me koko..."

Yeah. "Uncle" triggers me.

When your buddies tied their knots one by one, having children, or are expecting, you know it's time.


  1. LOL! ur post have something to do wit mine:

    It hurts when being call an AUNTIE too :P

  2. That's a good way to put it, Amanda - pressuring you into admitting things.

  3. You're married! And have children! It's fine to be called an auntie (a pretty one, that is) by your children's friends. I'm not!

    By the way, Brian and Aple is so adorable. Especially Aple. Feel like pinching them. Lemme guess, they got your genes, Venie?

  4. Thnx Birthmark. But I still feel OLD when they call me AUNTIE... :S

    LOL of kos they got my genes, I produce them, not adopt them. LOL! But when they did something wrong my hubby or I will point at each other and say, they got that bad genes from u. kekkeke.

  5. Aren't we all like that, Venie? Claiming good credits and running far, far away when bad things relate to us. :)

  6. running far, far away when bad things relate to us??? NO birthmark, I for sure will squeeze the bad thing like a clay to make it good! :D