I prefer my drinks and food to be of heavier, stronger taste.

If instant coffee is the only choice, it never taste any better with just a 3-in-1.

Can I say I'm a man of taste? Haha...


  1. Connoisseur's choice of coffee.

    I bet you would order your nasi lemak with extra fuzzy logic (sambal sotong, sambal kerang, sambal bilis) in it? :P

  2. If those are not available, sambal lebih! Imagine how red the rice is, Offley. :)

  3. nah....you're just easy to please. believe me, women like that.

  4. They do!? I'm not sure 'bout that, doc.

    I'm a fussy eater actually. But at times, I opt for something simple. So simple, that you might not believe it - home cook meehoon goreng kosong. With nothing but eggs. Well yeah, soy sauce/salt and garlics for taste. I don't even need fancy meat to go with it.

    I guess it's who cook it for you and how hungry you are.