What's wrong with this news?

Heard this on radio the other day.

"A man was sentenced to six months in jail by the High Court today for illegally smuggled [indistinct amount] snakes to Jakarta without a permit."

What? Okay, wait...

Oh? So, if I have a permit, I can legally smuggle now? Where can I get a form?

Is the newswriter trying too hard? "Smuggle" in a word itself is a violation of law - it's an illegal act. Is the word "permit" even necessary?

English isn't my first language.

Anyone can shed a light?


  1. Without permit, that's why its "smuggle", with one, its called import.

  2. Kelvin, twas like you took the words outta my mouth! Well put.

  3. i get u B&M.

    i'm han solo and i do legal smuggling operation. we're legal... but operate pretending we're not.

    we just love the sense of (mis)adventure.

    if ur interested. just go through the usual import/export forms except when making payment, instead of on the table.. pay under the table.

    dont forget the receipts.

  4. "Without permit, that's why its "smuggle", with one, its called import."

    Exactly, Kelvin! Isn't that stating the obvious?

  5. Dim, my reply to Kelvin above. Have a look at Tea's comment too.

  6. Good observation you have there, Tea. We've gone through it one way or another, eh?