What a tease

I was accidentally tagged in a post. It was removed soon after. Not a chance to even catch a glimpse of it. So, couldn't be bother lah.

Then, the nightmare comes.

Even my name wasn't in, notifications kept popping up at the lower left corner every few minutes! Which kinda bothers me. So, I tagged them in my status.

"Here's the thing. I was accidentally tagged by Canadian? And it was removed. Somehow, I got notifications when people commented on it. Specifically Second Time Intern and Bunny Intern. I kept getting notifications on something which I can't see! At all! Guys, was that some kind of a tease?"

"Nah... it was just research materials for me and Bunny Intern... =)"

The "just" sounded suspicious. Not to mention the smiley.

I shouldn't have tease you-know-who-you-are so much with my post titles. Karma is biting back at the ass. Ouch.

Facebook is full of bugs and glitch.


  1. U can also delete the comments made in FB. Give you less headache...

  2. Nah, that wasn't as bad as what I'm experiencing, Jessie. Try getting notifications on things you can't see...