The longest too

On Friday, Zoky called while I was slaving my work past midnight. She was lost about her work, and her relationship. Just what we both needed at that time. Friends to talk to.

We had the longest phone conversation since.

Before we hang up, she asked what I'll be doing on Saturday. If I could tell her I have a life beyond work, I would. Unfortunately, it won't be it until coming midweek. I playfully suggest her to give me a prison visit. We hung up without promising anything.

Came morning, she called. Will be coming over for lunch! Great!

Working weekend isn't that bad after all, eh?

I left to the office. Continued where I left off while waiting for her to come. It wasn't long when my phone rang. We met up soon after. She was craving for chicken. Specifically the breasts. I'd asked. She wasn't pregnant. Claimed it was yoga. Huh?

Ended up at a pasta place. Since she had no plan, asked if she can come up to lepak. A teman at work! Even better!

We spent the next 5, 6 hours in the office. Side by side. I'm doing my work. She's surfing the net. Occasionally, looked over each others shoulder to kepoh. Had some laugh, had some smoke, had some cotton candy. Time passed - when she asked for dinner, it was already 9.30! We went down before the restaurants are closed. And walked her back to her car.

Exchanged a couple of text after she got home.

I ended my day 2 more hours later.

This is the second time she came up to the office. Also the longest. I was worried that I couldn't concentrate on my work. Surprisingly, it was the most productive time I had in that week. No, it wasn't her. Guess I was overly tensed over the deadline.

Oh! I was in the ladies again.


  1. u were looking for an excuse to get into the ladies werent you.... bad boy birthie, bad boy!

  2. Ui... Dim! Shhhh~


    No lah. It was a quick one. She was going for no. 2. I waited outside. She malu la.