Optimism #19

The beauty of knocking off at 3.30 in the morning is that you own the road for a good 10, 15 minutes.

Have been busy working with babies and children for the past week. Will stalk catch up with you people if the time job briefs permit. Till then, good night and good morning, whichever deems fit.


  1. *LOL* The things to watch out for when going back at 3-ish are police roadblocks and mat rempits, esp on fridays/saturdays.

    Occasionally, you'll get hookers and/or transverstites knocking on your car windows when you stop at the traffic lights esp at the Sultan Ismail/Beach Club/Shang junction. Heh heh heh.

  2. Seldom venture that side leh, Pang Yau. If I did, I think I'm the one who do the knocking:

    "Eh 'bang. Sini mane ar? I rase, I sudah sesat lah..."