Optimism #23

Half an hour earlier than yesterday.

Tomorrow... I mean... later will be another day. Guess I'll be in and out the office over the weekend. Won't be free until the preso on Tuesday. If we can force the suits to push the deadline.

Well, at least the girls at the mall on weekends are a prettier crowd. *wink*

Contemplating whether or not to bring my boxers, towel and pillow in.


  1. No wonder i dislike visiting malls on weekends.

  2. Why is that lah, Dim? The guys are better looking too! *hint, hint*


  3. or, could it be that it's the same crowd except that they wear prettier clothes?

  4. During the weekend, the malls become populated with creatures from the earth's deepest recesses. This is more so when school holidays coincide. Aargh!

  5. They should wear pretty at all time. Not only on weekends, isn't it. Just my thought.

    But...~ it could be, doc.

  6. Yup, Lizzy, that's the downside of it lor.

    It took me an hour just to find a parking when I went back to work on Sunday! The season pass are deemed useless after 5. Haha!