The Plan

Hitam Manis, continued.

"Dear, I'm setting up a date for Birthmark and Hitam Manis. We're planning to go for a movie. You and him just pretend to be shopping there and bump into us. Will confirm again the place, date, and time."

Diam-Diam forwarded the text to me.

Pretend? Why pretend? Can't they just tell Hitam Manis it's a "set up"? Or something along the line of, "Dear. I know a friend of Diam-Diam. He's her boss. He may have some job contacts for you. And I think you two will get along well."

There. Straight to the point. No lies.

But on second thought... it sounds fun!


  1. Was that why there was thunder and lightning all over the Klang Valley for the past week? Hee hee. Hope you had an electrifying date.

  2. In the running, Tea. Surely, I'll lose to the girls with their well elaborate plannings. :)

  3. It was my fart lah, Pang Yau. Very yit hei nowadays. Masuk angin. HAHAHA. The "date"... it was okay lor.