Tele-fun: The First of Many

Tele-fun, continued.

Yes. I'm the one who call you in the middle of a meeting / sleep / meal / poop / pee to waste a fraction of your life into an irrelevant questionnaire or survey.
My apology if you have received a call from me before.

It was some time after I did my round in the retail. Since Primary Two is already working with Halfway Up the Top of The Cloud for nearly two months. They needed an extra hand.

It was my first decent job. Full time. Ironed shirt, and slacks. Choking necktie. And cubicle kinda decent.

A 9-to-5. With overtimes, allowance and other claims. We
were the more rebellious batch. Rolled up sleeves. Loosely hanging tie. Unbuttoned collar. And I'm the first who wear short sleeves to work. Casual Saturdays, but strictly no short pants. I was forced to take off my ear studs too.

The job was pretty simple.

Just call people up to attend a product preso in the office. Our part was not to sell you anything. That was the salespeople's dirty work. We just go through a set of questions to determine if customers are qualified. If they met a certain criteria, they are invited to the office. Free gifts are given.

Besides the basic, we have commissions. Some telemarketers can easily earn thousands with just the commissions alone. But this isn't my thing.

I've never met my quota of 24.


  1. i bet u guys had questionaires for people who says its a bad time to call too huh?

  2. And did it also involved scratching some silvery boxes and then trying to get people to buy more so that they can redeem what they have supposedly won?

    BTW, if you ever got someone who answered the phone and told you that it was the GH Bilik Mayat tel number, it was probably me.


  3. No, Jessie. That was long, long time ago.

  4. You guessed it right, Tea. We have basically covered every situations. :P

    But after a while, you'll start creating dialogues of your own. :D

  5. No! Of course not, Je. I hate those silver stamps people also. We kena once from them before.

    Nah, never heard any "bilik mayat" calls before in that 6 months. But my colleagues might. Haha!