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Rat-bitten LAN cable. Unstable wireless connection.

Nia sing. Not the bloody first time, though. Can't Mickey just leave it alone!? I used to laid them on the floor. Tracing every corners, angles and curbs,
from Father's room to mine. Tripping every human being alive.

Guess I have to do that again.

Not to mention the forever dropping wireless. Shiok-shiok streaming vid halfway, and it got disconnected. I have to re-stream all over again. It would be lucky enough to even post this.



  1. I hope you will catch the little rascal soon.

  2. I realised that rats do not have good eyesight and depend alot on their nose for direction. Maybe if you spray your cables all the way with something "sharp smelling" like Clorox(undiluted) or Dettol, it might put them off your cables and re-focus their attention somewhere else. The bad news is that the "somewhere else" might be your .. yunno.. stuffed toy collection or something *lol*

  3. We have caught rats over the years, Jessie. The descendants will come back. Just need a way so they don't meddle with it.

  4. Jeje. I've thought of rat poisons. But that would kill it and maggots would take its place, eh?

    Hey! How you know I have plushies!? They're only leftovers by exes. Don't judge me, okay! :P