Am I right?

I either got this from:

1. Pressing the arm against my body weight while getting up from bed. Or the floor. I thought I heard a snap.

2. Spraining the muscle from spending 3 days in a row sandpapering the excess putty on the front lip of Slow White Poke's bumper - a DIY moment gone wrong.

And this post was written entirely left-handed.

No, of course not. I cheated.

Another 16 hours to go.


  1. ahahaha on the part you cheated, but still take care

  2. Woah! for a moment I thought that the two pieces of plaster was your new logo.. macam Superman. *lol*

    3 days sandpapering? You must be joking! Should have put more putty and make it into a sculpture. Start a new trend!

  3. hAhAhA! Thanks for dropping by, Nath! And I will.

    You have few blogs under your name. Interesting. So... which one should I stalk... er... I mean... follow? :P

  4. I already have my birthmarks as the logo. Remember, Dai Kar Je? Haha!

    3 days. Yeah? Too long ka? What to do! I'm just anal 'bout the contours and curves. Putty, sandpaper, re-putty, re-sandpaper. And the cycle repeats. That's why I'm not in this business...

    It's been a while since I touch her, by the way. Malas lah. Or maybe age is catching up. Don't have that much to spend. :P