I've been reading these stuffs recently. Which reminded me of my own experience dealing with such customers. Some made my day. A small portion almost make me stomp on their pathetic face.

This was long before I'm an advertising slave.

After having a one-year stint at Old School Art College, I was working odd jobs here and there. My first was doing part time with Factory's Apparel Shop at French Hypermarket near my place.

There was once on a slow day, a pair of cute couple in their 60s came in. Kinda short. And plump. There's always smile on their face. Which makes us smile even more. From their look and the way they speak, I can tell they are well educated and came from a well-to-do background.

"Hello! What can I do for both of you? Do you have anything in mind?"

"Just looking around." The uncle smiled, in Cantonese.

"If you need anything, I'll just be around." From then on, I speak Cantonese
to them.

I continue to fold shirts, sort sizes, and reorganizing shirts that don't belong where I found them, before I lepak at the register with the store supervisor. Just then, I saw them looking at some winter jackets for quite some time; the most expensive pieces in the store.

Seldom people even touch them because of the price.

This is how our paycheck work. Besides the basic, there is also the commissions. Every staffs will get a small percentage from each piece sold no matter who sell it. But this only applies to full time staffs. Too bad I'm only doing part time. Salary counted by the hours. But selling that is something I'm gonna be proud of.

I quickly rushed to them.

"Uncle, why not you give it a try?"

I took a red down. And gave it to him. He eagerly slide his arms in the sleeves. The wifey at back adjusting the hood, while he zipping the front. It does suits his plump figure. Even cuter now.

Checking himself out at the mirror

"It looks nice on you, uncle."

"Hmm..." He then looked up at other colours.

"The green one not bad also eh?"

I look at it. Speechless.

"Erm... it's... blue?"

The aunty smiling at me cheekily. Poking fun at her own husband.
He's wearing an orange tint spectacles. Which made the blue look yellowish green. He blushed, and didn't smile again for the rest of the time they were there.

Let's just say they didn't buy anything.


  1. Sounds like F.O.S at Carrefour *laughs* I recently went there to buy LOTS of GAP cotton singlets and cotton shorts. Great value for money.

  2. No~! It's Reject Shop at Auchan...

    HHAhAA... You know, I know lah. No need to say it out kua.
    Oh, do you know they are not rejected stuffs per se?