Corporate clown

There's one in all of us.

In any offices,
since the beginning of time.

It's not the ass-licking-apple-polishers. Backstabbing ones? No.

I found faeces at the neck of the water hose in the public toilet.

First, a big yuck. Then I choked myself fighting back tears so damn hard, that I almost throw up my lunch, yesterday's dinner, last week's supper, last month's breakfast. I felt it at the top of my throat.

Second, I sincerely pity the guy. His public self-enema must have gone terribly wrong, he left the gents' with metal residues engraving deep into his anus wall. Maybe rust that even tetanus jab won't help. Failed Iron Man in the making.

I felt most for the shit. What destined to be a reincarnation in the waste plant, never seen the light of day.

Just when I thought I've seen worst. Makes people that squats on toilet seats less retarded.

You felt it? Of course you do.

If you are one of them.


  1. 'cos he can't find a toilet paper so he need to use the water to wash his shit off? Damn, he should wash off his shit off the water hose too!!!

    Let's hope that one day he went to a public toilet where he can't find any toilet paper or water hose. Then he will need to use his stocking to wipe his Arsh! XD

    hie hie hie!

  2. There's nothing wrong with washing the ass with water. I do that. But to me, Venie, it's more like he's wiping his ass off with the water hose.

    Can't believe the mentality level of some people. I felt sorry for the parents. And his spouse, if he has any.

  3. hahahhah! next time warn me first 'cos i might be eating while reading ur blogs XD

  4. HHAHAhaHAhA... Venie, Venie... I'll try, okay? I'll try. :P