Blood for air

Due to my carelessness and lack of concentration, I sliced my finger.

I was rushing for the preso boards. Yours truly, stupidly rest his fore finger over the cutter's track. The sharp pain has already crept in before I could pull back.

The same level of stupidity happened to me twice.

The first was back when I'm doing graphic in college. The difference is, I didn't black out this time. Guessed I'm much fitter after my recent outdoor activities of paintball, paintball, and paintball. Though it was almost meat deep, but fortunately, the cut was light.

A tip for cutting mounting boards, or thick papers - never use one, hard cut. Instead, few, light ones. Make a light groove. Repeat until both sides are separated. Quantity over quality applies here. You saved more energy, and less hazardous.

As for a reminder - never manhandle dangerous tools when you knocked off at 5 plus in the morning, and only have less than 4 hours of slumber. And definitely not when you are rushing time.

On a separate note, the clients decided to give a one-month leniency in finishing the corporate video. At least we have more breathing space now. I high-fived under the conference table with my partner when we heard that.

"Well... the squirted pint of blood are worth it!"

Said I on the way back after the preso.

But typing these out was not pleasant at all.


  1. Yup, Amanda. Very meng-ouch-kan.

  2. U know what twitches me the most? Paper cuts. U only know u had it when u wash your hands!


  3. Yeah, Dim. That too! If you have sweaty palms, it'll be worse.

    Oh yeah... what happened to your... blog?

  4. I just feel like stopping. :D

    But I'm still reading yours. So u better write a lot mister. Cause I have plenty of times now, for you.

  5. AHahahaH... you make me blush, Dim.