Even I'm falling

Off the chair.

Have you seen the new Axe (Lynx) Provoke (Excite) TV commercial recently?

It showcased girls falling from the sky one after another. It peaks when these fallen girls are going towards a young man, who apparently uses the deodorant. The message that this spot is shouting,
"Makes it rain girls". What shown on the Malaysian TV is an edited version.

Below, is the original by BBH London.

This is a :30 spot. There are 1:00 and 1:30.

What is so wrong with fallen angels? They are sensitive? Oh! Satan is a fallen angel. Come on! It's just a metaphor of the product's benefit. By removing the wings and halos are better suited for the Malaysian audience?

Which agency handles the Axe account in Malaysia? Good work to you guys! "Makes it rain girls" does make sense to me.

But fuck the Censor Board.


  1. LOL! Good Post. Oh well, it's better than they make that angel wearing baju kurung :P

  2. Yeah, that!

    You know what, Venie? I wouldn't mind them wearing sexily-clad, body-hugging baju kebaya though. Mmm~ slurp... :P

  3. Arent most AXE's commercials banned in most countries Birthie?

  4. Not that I know of, Dim. If it doesn't go overboard, why should they, right? The angels was aired in the UK, Portugal and France. Just to name a few countries.

    And our beloved country, of course. With an edited baju kebaya vers... oops... I mean, halo-less and wingless version. ;)

  5. opps, i should say: better than they ask the Angel to wear Tudung :P

  6. Do you know, it's a must to have Bahasa Melayu on our outdoor ads? And it must be bigger than other languages. If you see one with only one language other than Malay, money is involved. And I mean, lots of it.

    So... I won't be surprise, Venie. ;)