The coupé apartments

"People started moving in already..."

I was in
Since Primary Two's car at the traffic lights. We looked on to a relatively new apartments just by the overhead bridge on top of a mall. It was dark, with only few prominent lights from the living rooms, scattered randomly over the 20-, 30-floor building.

"What are those? Studio apartments?"

Spontaneously, he said,

"They've 2-door, 3-door... eh!?"

"HAHAhAhAhA! Coupé! Must be expensive!"

"... 2-door
, 3-do... (short pause)... What is wrong with me!? Two-room! Three-room! Studios!..."

If those exist, I'll be looking for a 5-door Volvo /
Hummer house. Looking at the break-in cases now, something tough would be nice.

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