20 odd years

1 high profile Creative Director

1 fun & receptive Client

1 brilliantly done Print Ad

A story of Love
"I like it!"

A story of Hope
"Love the idea!"

A story of Hate
"It's clever, but... Hm... maybe not now... Say... in 10 years?"

In the Malaysian ad scene now
20 Odd Years

The print ad was done more than 10 years ago
"Published 1998"

The drama climax around an award-winning creative director, a flamboyant client, and a print ad from The States. Set in the current Malaysian ad scene with the backdated mindset of clients. This is a story of a young creative who embark into the journey of discovering a whole new meaning of advertising.

Till I get some funding, this is a made-up.
Sadly, it's a true story.

We are that far behind.

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