How I looked like

Elbows resting on my knees.

Chin inches away from the desk.

Palming my ears. Then my cheeks (not butts).

Found my mouth and nose.

Staring deep on pieces of recycled A4's.

Tracing the scribbles with my puffy eyes.

Penned with a black Artline 0.4, some in green.

That's me, mostly of today.

Fuck! I can't think of anything. Anything good, that is. Wasted the whole morning brainstorming for nothing with More Than a Cycle. Did I mention we wasted the whole afternoon too? I don't even want to go back to last week's. The more we storm the brain, the more we serong away from the brief. Sigh.

When's the deadline you asked? Coming Monday.

But when's the internal review? Technically, it's later today. Since I just got back from work and still awake at this odd hours, it's... "tomorrow", end of day.

Digging a 6-feet hole before hitting the bed.


  1. Why is that, Dim?

    On second thought... Maybe I need more than just a face lift. A total makeover!