It'll gonna be a long day

I hit the bed early. Tossing around, unable to sleep myself. The body was telling me its tired. The eyes was trying so hard to shut. But the mind was overly active. An hour or so later, I'm here. And I'm supposed to wake up three hours later. I'm. So. Fucked.

Yes. I'm excited about my "first" day.

Yes. Zoky was in my mind.

And... yes? My ex was in my mind.

It's been a month since I sleep before 1. I'm still not used to dozing off this early. Not just yet. Yeah, I know. But the appointment letter, is just an appointment letter. Working in an agency, people come and go as they wish. But it's my first day! I can't go in at 10, 11 o'clock. Not on my first week. Need a major reset done to my biological clock soon.

Zoky texted earlier after I had a quick drink with Since Primary Two, and Fun Size. Wished me luck. I didn't expect that. That's sweet of her. I'm happy to received her text. But why is she lingering in my mind? I wish I know...

Sis told me something which I didn't know during dinner.

All this while, I knew my ex parted with her boy. She told a friend. Which in turn, told another friend. And that friend, told me. But that's about it. What I didn't know is, she told Sis it was
him that left her.

This news, bothers me.

We've been together for years before we go on our separate ways. Let's just put it as she's someone I knew... well. Knowing her, she won't be able to take it emotionally. Sis been trying to get in touch with her since. She avoided her calls. Sometimes, she would just off her phone. She's changed. Like a different person now. Sis claimed.

Sis said it was karma. I thought otherwise. To me, it's a path she chose on her own. No one forces her to take it. However it ended, it her own responsibility. I can't deny I was sad then. But I've never blame her.

You guessed it. She left me. For him.

I felt sorry for her.


  1. First day jitters + Zoky + ex-gf... wah! no wonder you couldn't sleep a wink! *laughs*

    I hope that you had a great first day at work. You have what it takes, dude. So kasi dia..

  2. Read your mail. Thanks!

    Yealaa... damn sanfu leh this morning. But yeah, I had fun today. And I just got back. Don't worry, not work related. Just waiting for the traffic to clear before I went for dinner with the gang.

    Well, as expected, none of the creatives was there when I reached. Besides the hotshot. He slept there over the weekend. Rushing for a campaign. Oh, there were 5 new staffs. Including me. We were brought around to meet other staffs. Totally lost it after ten names. And there's so many pins/numbers to remember. It will take a while.

    Nothing much in the morning. Just enjoying the free time while I can. Got my first brief near lunch. And another late noon. Both for the Oil & Gas Company. Simple tasks.

    Will write more about work if there's anything interesting. One is coming. Like, in a while?