2 weeks and 6 hours later

It's the best two weeks I had in months.

The coming 6 hours after that two weeks, was even better.

Schedule. Was. Hectic.
Job reqs like brought in through a conveyor belt. The job reqs I got in my first week is more than what I get in my previous agency in couple of months. Thanks to The Energy & Petrochemical. This is not a complaint. Really. I enjoyed what I'm doing. Though I started off with just follow-up works. Slight revisions, and simple visuals. Petty stuffs, mostly. No brain juice required.

Until later.

I got two, new briefs to work on. A direct mailer for
The Energy & Petrochemical, and an activation project for The Premium Infant Formula. It wasn't "interesting" at first. But since these are new jobs, I looked at them at a different angle. Tackled them differently. The creative director gave the green light for the direct mailer ideas. Just waiting for the copy. Having a little problem with the activation. Still couldn't link the little pieces of ideas together. And my deadline is next week.

These things kept me busy. But I like this kinda pressure.

It's Friday night, my neighbour next cube asked if I have any plan. I'm a little tensed about the deadline. Need some refreshments. But sad to say, none.

Since Primary Two was away to China for an exhibition. Back next week.

Fun Size isn't allowed (?) to come out. You know by who.

, not coming out. I didn't ask.

Once a Turbo will not come out. Wifey's expecting.

Bro's too lazy to even have a drink. Since he started working. Emo and malas lah tu.

What is wrong with you all lah? It's Friday night wei!

Before I knocked off, I texted Zoky. Asking what she's doing. No reply. Must be asleep, I thought. Full of disappointment, as I tagged the door out. Went to the lift. Walked to the parking. Got in the car. Started the engine. Lit a ciggy. And drove out. Just as I was about to reach the parking booth, I got a text from her. I swerved to the side. Rang her right away.

The magic words that prompted me: "Pretty bored.

Floored to her apartment.
It's been almost a month since we saw each other. Yeah, the usual. Catching-ups and stuffs. My works. Her works. Made fun at a Chinese movie on TV. Had some smokes. Ate her nicely sliced cucumber. Snapshot her with it on her eyes. Then, off we went to the mamak. One limau panas, one cham ais, and one teh ais later, we went jalan-jalan in her car.

She brought me near her work place. Showed me around the port. And things I don't expect to see everyday. And have a brief walk along the cape.
We "trespassed" into a ship structure. Continued to chit chat on the deck, while inhaling that little sea breeze. Time really passes. As we were on the way back to her place, she felt the urge to munch something. We again, dropped by at another mamak. Shared a plate of kuey teow goreng. Before I see her back to her apartment.

I truly enjoyed every second of it. And I'm still as dreamy.


  1. I am happy that you are enjoying yourself and basking in the adrenaline rush. Occasionally you will hit a roadblock or something that will completely throw you a curveball. And when that happens, just remember these: Keep calm. Take time out to think. And...

    "Feel the fear but do it anyway - Susan Jeffers"

  2. I was at a block. But, made it through. After days and nights of violent caffeine and nick. Now, I'm at another block. Much tougher this time. Will be going in the office tomorrow to sort it out.