A new start, an old thought

Is our country getting smaller?

A senior art director
whom I met years ago is working here now. I'm not directly under her, or we're in the same team. But I can't rule out we'll be working on the same projects in the future. Seeing her here, reminded me of the interview I had the first time I saw her.

During my earlier years, I met the executive creative director of Ousted Brothers. The interview was held at a production house (
there are times that interviews are held out of the office). He asked what I wanted to be. Confidently, an art director, said I. And would love to write copy as well. Or at least, get involve in it. Before I could finish, he cut me there and then, and said,

"An art director, is an art director. A copywriter, is a copywriter. You don't switch role."


As much as I wanted a place there, this phrase stopped me.
The senior art director was there with him. She understood what I meant. And seems to agree with me. I didn't bother to talk much after that. Just looking at the post-production works of the TV commercial they were editing then.

never believe that thought. Which I'm glad I didn't.
I'm gonna churn out as much copy as I can. If the briefs permit. No matter what.

Rules? We are meant to break them.
If there isn't any, create one. Then break it.


  1. Man, I hate those pigeon-hole stereotyping. But I am glad you survived Day One. Yes, rules are meant to be broken. Else, we would still be living in caves and hunting with sticks and stones. Stretch the limits of your imagination. Never spend too much of yesterday on today. Godspeed!

  2. There are certain situations where roles need to be defined but not to a T. You gotta study/learn as to why the company now has this role specific jobs. Perhaps there was bad conflict in the past or they're gunning for efficiency or they're just plain backward Cina-pek ppl, etc.

    Rules are meant to be guidelines and imho can be bent (for certain reasons). But rules (no matter how stupid they are) exist for a real reason. Rules can be challenged but u need discretion to know when. :)

  3. Andrea - Stretching, stretching! I agree. A little of yesterdays is okay. For us to look back at it and laugh. Maybe we'll find something we lost then?

    Lizzy - In a way it's true of what you said. I don't know about others, but me myself tend to strive "better" if there are limitations. At least there's something for me to "break".