Video killed the radio star?

Find me a TV when I'm stuck in the traffic.

Every new medium claimed to replace the older ones. Did any? Ever before? Not to my knowledge, not in my our time. Oh, the Internet replaces the conventional mediums? What channel was the football was on yesterday? Heard of prank calls? Do people not flip the newspapers and magazines anymore? Or at least, car brochures?

It's an idea that dictates a medium. And whatever works. A new medium, fortunately to us, is just another channel. The more medium that is created, the more channels we advertisers can choose to bombard you with our message. I'm sorry, but this is what we are paid to do.

Listen to this.

This is not a video.

This "will" was aired in Portugal. The English translation is for the purpose of international award shows. For my own personal liking, this is a very good written script. Strong words. Emotional, and straight from the heart. Good use of voice talent.

Good job to the creative team at McCann Erickson Portugal.

Radio, is one of the hardest medium to master. There's no visual. There's no copy. Just your listeners' imagination. I've written some. It's not easy. And there's a huge difference reading a script in your mind, and acting it out loud.

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