Labeled as fail

I've lost unimaginable amount of pens. Not Mont Blanc. Not Parker. Just ordinary Artline 0.4s. Nothing fancy, really. But having to work in advertising, ideas pop when you are least expected; need pens within my reach - so a scamp is still call a scamp, a tagline is still call a tagline.

If I'm not at my desk, I'll rush back. First things first.

Buy my own? No way! That's spending unnecessary money and time. Tried that. Somehow, they still got lost along the way. Okay. Fine. I'll label what I have.

Tried scraping the "Artline" off. Pointless.

Switched cap other than the pen's colour. Nope, doesn't help either.

Stocked up with office's supplies (shh~) in my drawer. No. Losts overdid the

Failed big time.

Why victimized only my pens? Is my desk so strategically placed, and convenient? Good feng shui ah? Who's the John/Jane Doe here?

For fun. Yeah, I know. It's lame.

Back at home, we initials on the underwear labels
; to distinguish which fabrics had wrapped which dicks. You know guy's underwear lah, all look fairly the same. Nothing sexy or lacy like woman's. I even cut hole on the labels, or removing it totally for a more obvious difference.

But mother still got them mixed up.
My underwear might end up in brother's drawer, his in father's, father's in mine.

When you grabbed an underwear which don't belong to you, it screwed up the "smooth" routine self when you are already running late.
Yeah, the bothering irony. And where's my socks now ah? Should I make hole on them too?

Next, I'll just glue the pen on the desk, and don't wear underwear at all.


  1. Next, I'll just glue the pen on the desk, and don't wear underwear at all

    I can just imagine you saying this with a straight face. Hilarious!

    I dun use Artlines as they tend to bleed through my moleskine. So I use uniPin 0.5. Bloody expensive tho'. MYR4.90 ea at Kino until I chanced upon this art wholesaler in Tmn Melawati where it is sold at half the price!! Make great companions at meetings for drawing mind-maps and doodling *laughs*

    My pens go missing too. I guess it's coz they are alot nicer/smoother to write with vs standard office issue. Labelling doesn't help - obviously. These days, I'll only use one at a time and bring it with me wherever I go; oft times, in my shirt pocket even if it doesn't look too cool. *chuckles*

    As for underwear, can't help you much there, mate. Perhaps you should get one of those waterproof black maker and write your BIG NAME across the front of your underwear. As long as you do not wear them under white or light coloured shorts/pants, I reckon it's ok. Else, everybody would know your name *ROTFL*

  2. What to do... it's frustrating leh.

    I don't see my other stationery gone missing. Not my ruler, not my paperclips, not my 0.6s, not my red 0.4s, not my blue 0.4s. Only the ones I needed and used the most.

    Yeah, I heard about the few art shops in Melawati. Very cheap. Maybe because MIA is just around there? Bought some stuffs from them before.

    Oh, I found a red shirt hidden in my drawer yesterday my father's been missing some time back. HAHAhA... sigh.