An encounter with the unseen

Heard some bad news at work.

I've never been so emotionally defeated before. If it was last time, I could have just "fuck it" and "bring it on" at anything that comes. I'm losing that attitude of mine. Losing out of being young. Now, it's closer to something along the line of "fuck" and "bring it slow".

All I need now is the fire of being old.

Since Primary Two suggested to have a drink. So I met him and Fun Size at the mamak after work. The couple of hours spent was quite freshening. I'm a little relieved. At least I could bring myself to smile.

When we're about to leave, Zoky called.

She just got my text; bad line at her place again.
We continued to talk what we left out earlier in the day for a good ten, fifteen minutes. But the line wasn't any better. We got cut off. She did makes me feel better, unknowingly to her. Spontaneous. Encouraging. Positive. Humours included. Sigh, hearing her voice was so... never mind.

I started the car. And floored home.

called again. She complained about her line. And we picked up some small talk.

"Eh, I'm driving. Call you when I get back?" Hoping, hard.

"I'm sleeping soon."

"I'm driving woh..."

"I'm sleepy woh..."

It's almost midnight. We briefly ended the call. Though I'm a little reluctant to.

On the way back, I saw Since Primary Two. Twice.

First, was quite a distance; how can a Slow White Poke caught up with a MIVEC Turbo? He chose to profit the toll guys, I skipped it.

Second, I managed to caught up near the traffic lights; he's turning right, I'm going straight. Gave him a honk, but he couldn't hear it; the exhaust close to thunder on ground. His radio is there just for deco.

Back at home, I went online to check some stuffs before hitting the bed. Fun Size was still awake; waiting for Since Primary Two to finish his bathe.

"What!? How could that be!? I just saw him! Twice!" Hair all over my body started to erect.

"How can he still be in the shower?!" Tried calling. But no answer.

"Is his car still outside?" But who was in the car earlier?

Being bros for too long, how can I not recognize his car. Just a glance is all it takes. Even know he's near by just hearing it.

Did I just bumped into... Fuck! Jong kuai ah!?

Oh! He's bathing at his own house...

Just when you're too stressed about things, your mind starting to play with you.


  1. Maybe,
    1) he has found a new shortcut?
    2) "someone" had shown him a new shortcut?
    3) he has secretly modified his car to be faster than yours but didn't want to let you know?
    4) hey, you sure it was Fun Size that you had spoken to over the phone........woooooooooooooooooooo


  2. 1. Hm...
    2. No. Er... NO!
    3. Maybe.
    4. It was on MSN, not on the phone. So... don't know, don't care.


    5. Don't be like that lah, Andrea. Chinese new year is coming leh... :( Haha...

  3. It was almost too irresistable not to tease you on that one. *laughs*

    Hope that the news at work improve soon. Fingers crossed.