Hello, [Your Name]!

Banana asked my opinion for an English name she's adopting.

Before I give my take on it, I asked her back,

"Do you like that name?"

Let's just say she wanted people to "agree" with her choice.

I've known her as [Her Name]. I've been calling her that ever since. It won't be [Her English Name] the next time I see her. I didn't ask, but was wondering why she wants an English name for? For us friends? Or that handful of new people that she's going to meet in the future?

What is so special about having a foreign name? Even Malays and Indians have picked up this trend. I was given an English name at birth. And no, I'm not Christian. It is in all my identification documents. Lots of confusions to people that deals with forms, cheques, air tickets, "Name as in IC", "First Name / Last Name".

Whatever your name is, it gives people an impression of "I am who I am". Even it is the same to the friends of the person you are introducing the name to.

A name has an identity of its own.

To adopt a foreign name, tweaking the syllables of your actual name would be nice and relevant.


  1. In China, it is very popular to have a fancy foreign name made up of everyday things like Chilly, Shallot, Onion, Money, Fish, Rain etc etc. I once met a lady who called herself Aubergine. Unfortunately she couldn't pronounce it as it is supposed to be and it sounded like Old Virgin. *LOL*

  2. "What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet."

    I just love that part of Shakespeare's. Think I've pasted it multiple times in other people's posts.

    But changing Dots to bintik, naaaaw that would sound ummm rather - urrrghhh!! whats the word?

    ps: Andrea, you had me at Aubergine!!! LMAO!!

  3. Oops! my bad. I was just looking at my old blogposts on weird names. Sorry, it was not Aubergine. It was AUBERGINIA. And me of filthy mind, thought that it was Old Vag***.

  4. okay i fell off of my seat!!! Auberginia??? Like no way!

    And you have to have that asterisks??? sungguh bersopan santun.

  5. Here's the said blogpost: http://the-hedger.blogspot.com/2007/03/and-you-thought-that-your-name-was.html


  6. Andrea dear, you reminded me of that Old Vagina... erm... I mean, Old MacDonald's nursery rhyme:

    Auberginia less some hair, e-i-e-i-ouwh!

    Yea lar. What those asterisks for? My place is for adults. ;)

  7. You know what, Dots? Maybe you can use dim, as in dim sum.

    Dim means dot. But in this context, literally it means touch (the) heart. dim (touch) sum (heart). Making a mark.

    Nice kan? Kan? Kan? Kan?

  8. i can only relate dim sum with food but its kinda cute tho.

    dim sum. yeah.