"Welcome", in the language of the Amis people of Taiwan.

This trip wasn't plan. Zoky's friend was going for honeymoon. They asked her and few friends & family to tag along. She in turn asked us. I don't even have an itinerary of the trip till the third day I'm there. I can't read Chinese. Or speak fluently in that matter. Which make this trip even more... interesting.

Well, at least for me.

The lowest temperature being at 5 degree. It wasn't that bad if it's not because of the rain and wind. Three layers for outing. Two layers for sleep, with the heater on. Overall, I like it here. Good mixture of city, nature, people, culture, and food. I will be back for sure.

As usual, one photo each day to sums up seven days of the cold and warm of Taiwan. The cold temperature. And the warm people.

Taken with the Nikon D700, Tamron 35-105mm & Tamron 70-300mm lens.

Teapots. Taoyuan Night Market.

The faces at Jiufen.

Mountainous route. Suhua Scenic Road.

The V's. Dream Shopping Mall.

The Lover Tree.
Alishan Forest Reserve.

Nighfall at Taipei 101.

Where's the 7th? The last day was at the airport
lah. Nothing interesting there.

And you're Naruwan. *wink*


  1. Nice photos as expected. I loike!!!

    But I still can't get over the fact that it was meant to be someone's honeymoon and she invited a whole chain-gang of people to join her.

  2. Andrea! Terima kaseyyyy!

    It was a tour trip. A total of 19 people. More than half are (newly met) friends and/or families. We got to know the rest later in the trip.

    It's a fun group lah. No doubt. A well balanced group of young and old.

  3. so this is where u been to during your sabbatical from blogging

  4. Dim,

    Yeah. I'll get away from work whenever there's a chance. To charge up and all lah. Even nearby.

    I did go to PD last month (year?) to clear my leaves. Nothing much over there. Mostly portrait shots of The Pair.

  5. Nice photos captured with your Nikon camera. I really liked wor!

  6. Aww... Jessie. You're just being generous. I shoot whenever travel. Kinda like a documentation of the places I went.

  7. Oops.. typo! *I shoot whenever I travel.

  8. It is, Lizzy. I will too. Maybe not when it's this cold. Tak boleh tahan lah.