This is a bonus

What is it with people and their bonuses?

An ex colleague recently asked if I've got my bonus already. I frankly told him, bonus isn't a promise. Ad industry isn't doing too good lately. Retrenchment is still ongoing. Accounts are leaving. Agencies are pitching for new clients non stop. "New" staffs are doing contract. Worst, freelancing. It's lucky to even keep a job now.

Even when the time was better, I don't care if I have bonus or not. What I look for in a company isn't just a paycheck, or bonus. But what the company can provide me in 1, 5, 10 years time. Or more. Will there be rooms for me to grow within? Will there be plenty of opportunities given? The welfare. The prospects. The career.

Good for you if you got it. But don't rant if you don't.

I knew people who rather stay on for a couple more months just for that one-month-or-less bonus even when opportunities landed on their hands! People! Seriously!? Just for that extra one, bloody month of bonus?

*headpalm* (macam tak cukup...)



  1. ya still havent answered him. got bonus or not?? :P

  2. Angpao tak kira kan, Dim. So, don't have.