Lightning never strikes twice

Who made this statement?

These happened some time back.

Not much of food choices around the Plaza. Most come in small portion, but big bill. So, Buddy and me made it at the mamak next block. Besides the goreng stuffs and rotis, the next best thing is the nasi campur. We grabbed our food and sat outside.

While we were halfway through our meal, I bit on something hard. I spat it out
immediately. It bounced on the table towards Buddy. We looked at it. Stunned for while wondering. And had a good laugh.

I don't remember seeing an aquarium in here.

It was a white pebble. Slightly larger than jelly beans,
hidden inside the non-kuah rice. Lucky the bite wasn't hard. I never finish the rice. Got a discount for that after "Aneh! Saya mana ada ambil ikan!" argument with the mamak who wrote us the bill.

Until today, I couldn't figure out
where that came from?

Next day, we went back to the same place. Nah, a pebble won't kill, I thought.

We took the same thing. And sat at the same place outside. Wasn't so lucky like yesterday. I only had few munches this time. That's when I saw an unusual garnishing on the plate. I looked closer. And spat out whatever that I am halfway munching.

"FUCK!" Couldn't be bother if people were looking.

Gestured the Aneh to come over. Without saying a word, we looked at him while pointing at it with my "Apa macam?" pissed look. He apologized a few times and took the rice away. And asked nicely to order another food. So I did; Indomee kosong double with telur mata on top.

I checked carefully this time. But I still couldn't finish it thinking about the roach leg earlier. There goes my appetite. I skipped dinner on that day too. And I wondered who ate the rest of the body.

Two days I couldn't finish my lunch. Two. Fucking. Days. In a row.

What could be worst?


  1. What could be worst? I guess finding the roach leg at the END of the meal ie last few spoonfuls would be worst. Honestly, dude, I cannot believe that you actually bothered to go back to the same place after the first incident. I would have stayed far, far away from it for a long, long time.

  2. That was okay. Have you eaten one before? Future post.

    There's "nothing" to eat here. Expensive food. But yeah, it was stupid to go back. After the roach leg, we never go back for a very long time. Even if we did, we only had drinks.