Rare sighting

It's been a while since we stroll to the other side for lunch.

This is what we saw on the way to the food court.

With an empty display like this, it better comes with an explanation,


Not sure what's going on, but I guess it's some kind of a Stand-a-Chance-to-Win-All-These-If-You-Spent-More-Than-RM-[Insert Amount Here] promo that they did recently?

How often retailers would actually be bold enough not to have anything up at their display? Not too many.
Definitely an eye-catcher.

But what kinda name is that? Candle!?

She's into wax-dripping?


  1. Ahh.. this pop-out comment box is so much better. I've been trying in vain to post comments for this post as well as the last few; but I keep forgetting to ask you to change the settings. Thanks, pang yau.

    Uhmm.. yes, what an interesting name eh? Candle. Candle Ang - sounds like a red candle. Someone who loves red candles perhaps?

  2. Ang is red? Must be Hokkien.

    People. And their weird names.

  3. at least they used real mannequins. apparently a store in s'pore used life models as mannequins to peddle their products. so you wonder if shoppers are admiring the products or ogling at the scantily-dressed women?

  4. That would definitely create a buzz, doc. As a matter of fact, quite a few retailers (not in Malaysia, of course) did the same with real life models.

    Unnecessary traffic...