Mothers, and their worries

"Eh, you know your dad has a friend..."

"Uh huh..."

"Her daughter also works in advertising around [area], doing quite well..."

"Uh huh...?"

"30. Not seeing anyone..."

I knew where this is going!

"... (took me a while) and then...?"

"Maybe can intro her to you!"

I just ignored and continue staring at the TV, then into blank space.

Mother! I'm not that old. Most importantly, I am a guy.

Just because I was admiring the beauties in "Take Me Out Malaysia"?

Okay, okay... my bad...

Happy new year, people.


  1. Can you like tell your mom that you would not be considering anyone above the age of {desired Age =(Your age/2 + 7 years)}?

    This is to ensure maximum fertility so that the family's tree would be faithfully expanded and flourishing.. *ahem*.. Sekian, terima kasih.

  2. aiyah, you know your mother has your (& the family's line) best interest at heart.

    btw, Cara's advice is medically sound.

  3. happy new year birthmark. the parents will never stop till u cave in. seriously.

  4. Dai Kar Je, that age, to my calculation, would make them still in (or just right after) college/uni. These girls have not seen the world yet. Dangerous leh.

    If I'm in the 40s, the math would be more relevant. :P

  5. You think so too, doc? Too young for me. Almost make me a pedophile! Tak boleh lar!

  6. Amanda, I know! But this is my first true encounter since my 3-year hiatus from a relationship...