Mobile shrine

Life-threatening closer shot. *shiver*

Another league of drivers which I'm not into.

It looked like a portal into a shrine somewhere deep in the forest of an unknown location in Japan. I can almost feel its sucking force. So intense, I'm seeing a kimono-clad lady waving one side of her geta, whispering itadakimasu. Soft, and yet, passionately husky. I dare not venture any closer.

But can it withstand a tsunami or an atomic bomb like these below?

Alpha Press

National Archives and Records Administration

And I'm just being sarcastic.


  1. Well what do you expect? with the kind of reckless drivers on KL roads. Hopefully with this "shrine headgear", other cars will suddenly slow down and give way, even without the drivers hitting on the brakes. *lol*

  2. HAhAhAhA... I like the way you put it, Dai Kar Je.