Most likely abused


A powerful gesture since Facebook. But of late, I've noticed people who abused the term. Given the same scenario, what if I would to put a line-breaker in between my posts?

"Like this to continue reading."?

Yup. I heard someone's yelling, "Bullshit!" on the other end. That's exactly my reaction when I encountered these websites.

What fuck now? Are you forcing us to "like" it to continue? What you gained from all the "Likes"? So what if the first half of the tease is interesting? That's not how it works. Let us read it first. Then we decide.

I'll "Like", if I liked it.

So, to those admin/moderators of such sites,


  1. Normally, I won't be bothered to click to continue. :D

  2. Yeah, Dai Kar Je.. so am I. I seriously don't know what they gain from it.