Office romance gone wrong

"... but I really don't want to work with you lor!"

"It's really bad to have an affair with a co-worker!"

"It will affect the work lar!"

We're laughing our asses off on both our ends. Pun not intended.

Since Primary Two been thinking to quit. Looking for a brand new views. He asked recently if my place is looking. Though we are both in the creative industries, me in advertising, he in the fashion, our job scopes are fairly different.

The least I could do, as a bro, is to pass his message to my boss. It is still too early to tell where he will fit in. But these are the recent chat we had.

"hAhAhAhAhAHHAhhAhA... fucker you!"

"Later your Fun Size jealous how!?"

"We kasi komplot sama dia lar!"

Yeah. That's how we talk.

My daily supplements of laugh.


  1. Normally I dun recommend friends to work at the same place as I am coz previous experience has proven that things will never be the same again. Hard to be co-worker or boss to a friend you have recommended without showing some kind of favouritism - real, preceived or imagined. Just saying.

  2. I know, Dai Kar Je... previous experiences tell me the same.

    We have worked together at 2 different places before. And yeah, one was good, one turned sour. But it's purely work lar.

    And... I might be leaving...