I kern do this

Even I... didn't get a perfect score...

First try, no cheat.

That's embarrassing.

With marks like that, typographers would choke in their saliva laughing.

Kerning is the adjustment of space between individual letters. Though most programs that deal with fonts come with auto-kerning, I still rebelliously adjust them manually. This is to achieve a better... okay, okay... I'm just anal... result. Especially to headlines.

There is only 1 formula for kerning. Your eyes.

No, I'm serious.

Give it a try. A good practice for the future if you are making a self promo ad, and the like. Coincidentally, you can also hire a freelance* designer to do it for you.

So, kern you?

*freelance does not mean free


  1. Kira OK la. At least it proves that you are not cock-eye. *lol*

  2. Actually hor, Dai Kar Je... my left power is greater than my right eye. That not consider one, right?