Late, heavy lunch. Skipped dinner. Came home after midnight. Was hungry. Mother cooked. Kitchen smelt funny. So is the char kuey teow. Spat on my first bite. Kerang turned bad. Lost me appetite.

And no, there's nothing wrong with the title.

I'm hungry. I'm angry.


  1. I recently read a post that write like this :
    I am unhappy because I am Fat
    I am Fat because I Eat
    I eat because I am unhappy......

    Is that U?


    JK! Don Hangry la.... Pop Mee is always best for Midnite snack! :) Cheers~

  2. Hahaha! I'm the other way 'round, Venie. I'll eat more if I'm happier! ;)

  3. You read Mandarin? I get this post from FB and I think suits u ( cos u say u are a designer ma....) :


    P/s: If u don read Mandarin, ask dome one translate la :D

  4. A little joke for u :
    Ahbeng : Boss, rendang ayam adakah?
    Maniam : Tarak boss ... rendang ayam habis boss!
    Ahbeng : Habis ka? Rendang kambing ada ka?
    Maniam : Rendang kambing juga habis boss!
    Ahbeng : Kari ayam ada ka?
    Maniam : Kari ayam habis boss!
    Ahbeng : Kari Kambing ada ka?
    Maniam : Kari kambing also habis lar boss!

    *At this point Ahbeng dem tulan ledi ... everything also habis and he also farking hungry ....*

    Ahbeng : itu habis, ini habis apa majiam ini majiam??!!!
    Maniam : Boss lu datang lambat itu majiam la!!!

    *Upon hearing Maniam say he come late he lagi tulan ledi .... then he scolded Maniam :*

    Ahbeng : Ka Ni Lah Buh la!!!
    Maniam : Dei!!! kita olang hindu la!!! mana ada kari lembu sini??!!!

  5. I can't read Chinese leh, Venie... I'll ask later. :)

    Hehe... that's kinda cute.