How eye see it

Shortsighted, me.

No. Not that kind of shortsighted. I wear glasses.

I take them out when I sleep, bathe, and during intimate moments with my girls. I will spare the details on the intimacies. It's not that I know how to swim, but I take them out in the pool. But I wear them with my race helmet on. I wear them with my paintball mask.

The last I checked, my left was -5.xx, nearly a -6.00. My right, a mid -1.xx.

My better right overlaps the left.

The closest replication of my vision.

It wasn't that bad, really.

I have a feet of perfect vision without my specs on. I still can see the small little things I dropped with my eyes squint and bending over. I can see any objects, moving or stationary, but not the details. Driving? I do wipe / blow them while flooring the accel.

There's this one time, Once a Turbo playfully flicked water to my face. I told him off, and gave him a deadly stare. After that many years of wearing one, they are a part of me. They are my eyes.

Don't mess with it.


Image from Getty Images

These are what really pisses me off.

Glasses without lenses, or power. What are those? Some kinda fashion statement? Which is? Yeah, you look cute. Stupid at the same time. You are like wearing a mask, not a glasses. Are you hiding some kind of a birth defect? Or boosting your low self esteem?

It is not fun to wear them at all. A drop of water, you'll need to clean it. Same goes to
dust. Steam. Fog. Fingerprints. Grease. Sauce. Oil. And it's tedious.

Take a look at the same model without it.
Do you think she need one?

Image from Getty Images

One of the sweetest girl I've seen!

Shortsighted is a form of handicapped.

I was fortunate enough to have a slight blurred vision. To some, their power is so high, it would be termed as visually impaired. If you have Photoshop, open an image, go to Filter, select Gaussian Blur, drag the slider to 100. That's how they see the world. Respect that.

Before you wear them again, think.


  1. good. this is good for those hipsters out there.

  2. Yes, Amanda. It was meant to be. Expecting haters now. :)

  3. well, I'm the blind gal who can't see without glasses. my left -10.00 right -9.50. But Thnx who ever invented contact lens ^^

  4. That's quite high, Venie. Contact lenses... no wonder.

  5. Some just dig people in glasses.

  6. whenever i find out they wear just the frames, i really wanted to poke their eyes out. >(

    would gladly switch eyes with people with perfect eyesight!

  7. Yea lor, alwizhyper!

    I'd always give these people a pissed stare. Then smirked at their stupidity.

    If poking their eyes, and/or splashing acid, and/or whacking a 10-inch nail into their eyes are not illegal, I would have done that. In the said order.