Close call

"Oh, shit!"

After a game last night, we passed a road block.

I wind down my side windscreens even from cars away; we got... nothing to hide... *Yeah, right!*


"Selamat pagi... assalamualaikum. Dari mane ke mane ni?"

"Sukan, 'cik."

"Sukan? Futsal ke bola jaring?"


"Futsal kat mane ni?"

"'kat Selayang Mall...

"Okay... (gesture to move on)"

"Terima kasih!"

Couple hundreds of meters later,

"Lucky they didn't stop and check the boot!"

"Yeah wei! I almost wanted to say paintball just now... lucky for the sweaty towel around my neck."

"And what the fuck with bola jaring lah!? That's a woman's sport wei!"

"I think he meant basketball lah..."

Paintball marker is categorized as a firearm.

It is illegal to possess one without a license. With the gaining popularity of the game, support from certain government sectors and even the royals,
the law of owning one is getting... blur.

Till then...


  1. Bola Jaring? Apparently that Encik must be teasing u or do u think he means u look like a Lady Boy? Kekkekekke, just kidding !!! *wink*

  2. hAhAhAhAhA! It could be hor, Venie? You know lah, policeman likes to provoke, or at least, tease. :P

  3. Well, yes, Kelvin. Act cool all the way. :)

  4. I dated a full-time paintballer once. Hafta admit, paintballers, they know how to work any position front, back, and all in between, and the best thing is, they always wear protection!

  5. Hmm... sounds familiar. Where have I read that before, Offley? ;)