Popping the cherry

"Come here..."


"Help me poke..."

"Poke what!?"

"It's too tight! I can't get it in. Please?..."

Yup. I'm starting to be... a little naughty...

"Don't tell me you've never... tried before?"

"(Giving me the stare)... faster lah!"

"Okay, okay. Here... look
... shove it in and out a few times *muka geram expression*... it'll get loose after a while... HAhAhAhhAhAhAhahahAH!"

Everyone burst out laughing the same time.

"(Controlling laugh) What you two poking about?"

"It's her lah! She never poke before!"

Diam-Diam just bought a new phone then.

She can't get the USB cable in.


  1. What's the matter, Jessie? :P

    You aren't expecting porn-y write up, are you? ;)