Neither here nor there

It was a long, tiring day.

When people asked what I do, some were surprised, even to an extend, shocked at the word "director" that came with it. As literal as it may sound, I direct art. No, serious. You can close your mouth now. 
Ad people generally has the most misunderstood job scopes.

The Village Restaurant at Pullman, Putrajaya Lakeside.

When I started with this agency, we are required to open an account. The officer who is handling my details, signaled his supervisor to join. I was then shown with all kinds of investment prospects, until they realized my pay is missing a couple of 0's.

They were embarrassed. I was blushing.

Compound near the reception lobby.

I give art directions in executions. Treatments. Styling. Colours. Layouts. Fonts. Et cetera. These whole lot come after the ideation stage.

Being a creative, specifically, just an art director, we are involved at all corners of work. We were there in every meetings. You'll see us in every briefings. We raise voice in all brainstormings. We have the privilege to go out for recces. Presos. Shoots. Recordings. Offline. Online. Blah, blah, blah.


And best of all, we are not the lowest life form in the creative food chain. Let's put it, we are somewhere at the higher bottom half. Neither here nor there. Because of this, we do everything.

You see why I put that title now?

The weather was better during the recce.

The agency is in the midst of rebranding. Yours truly, yes, is involved. I designed and executed the hall deco all alone from scratch for the regional conference. I dare not ask my designers to help, as I've given them tons to do. I'm not a slave-driver you know.

Couple of intense weeks later, after many going in-and-out the office, hell lots of emailing and conference calls between the Mumbai, Hong Kong, and the Singapore office, uncountable caffs and nicks, and juggling between ongoing bread-and-butters, we pulled a job well done.

That's just part of it.

The fountain at the back of the halls.

We were at the conference for the setup, dry runs of softwares and presos. I was there since midday with our executive PA. The production manager was there earlier.

At times like these, free meals aren't that tempting anymore. But it's nice to be invited for coffee by the executive PA of the Hong Kong office.

Later that day, the regional big shots dropped by the hall. Shook some hands. Strike a conversation to shout my presence. And to claim credits. Though I was mentioned at their dinner, I'm not looking for a praise, but expecting something along the line without the "p".

Is 50% too much?

At The Village.

All these hard work, is nothing compare to driving your bosses back to the office. Two are Indians - satu local, satu import, both a little drunk. And one soon-to-be lady boss. Imagine 3 talk shows running at the same time. Crickets moment was only for a short while. But it was a very muhibbah scene.

Day 1. And I'm not required on Day 2 and 3. One less job to worry now.

Since our bosses will be at the conference for the week, we beerly!

Beer early lah. Cheers!


  1. depends on how much curry you managed to flavour with the bosses. IMHO, it's easier for a guy to impress lady bosses.

  2. And spices, doc!

    That's so true. Opposite attracts apply here.

  3. All those pictures were at Pullman?


    Owh yeah. Opposite attracts, similarity binds.

  4. Yes, Offley. All were shot at Pullman.

    It may look nice in photos, but once you are there, you'll start to notice the architectural flaws. There is no roofs or covers in between buildings.

    If you're planning to hold a function there, make sure you do it at the ballroom. Not the halls. Though it can fit a 50+ pax comfortably, it has a pillar at the center. You can imagine.