My new way of saying I'm out.

Battled for paintball. Since Primary Two shot me on the pubic. Was too painful to raise my hand. Instead, I held on my pubic shouting that. Emphasizing on the "T". And yes! It's still functioning, okay!? I had morning wood. Duh.

It was a night game yesterday at an unused car park made into a paintball field. We have the whole field to ourselves. Nice, eh?


  1. I played paintball once and I didn't get a bruise! Got shot a few times but it didn't hurt, guess the extra padding worked!

    Where did you go for the paintball fun?

  2. More hickeys!!!!

    You sure it was a morning wood and not that it swollen?


  3. Yeah, the extra paddings will help, alwizhyper. I wore long sleeves, and... guess what? Short pants! That explains the battle scars.

    The night game was in the Selayang Mall's car park. We usually play at the Melawati's field. And since we've got our own equipments, we may try other places now.

  4. Anonymous, come to think of it, it might have been swollen, length-wise! Damn! False hope...

    Wait... are you Dim?

  5. shot u at the where? Super duper OUCHHHHHHHHH!!!

  6. At the there lor, Dai Kar Je. Twice some more!