The first day of work

"Why it's a Monday after a Sunday?", wrote Hitam Manis.


The most feared day of the week. The blues crept in. The inactive, hibernating period during the first half of the day. Maybe week. The dozing off, or some say, the fishing. The day when you are so reluctant to get up. But there are works to be done, money to be made, to put bread on the table.
As much as you hated it, you have no choice, but to get up.

What Mondays had to do with you who are self-employed, or doing businesses? Or house-husband / wife? Do you feel the same getting up on Mondays? You still... sigh?

But do tell me about it.

My blues, apply to "every day".

I work through the weekends at times. Mondays do not give me any feelings at all. What I'm worry about, is my "first day of work" after a break.

Though my off days are given, it's a luxury to even fill the leave form. Key in, since we've been updated to the online leave application system recently. My breaks are usually a long one. My last break was early of the year, and during Chinese new year. That was three quarters ago.

I may start work any day of the week. So that's a blue tick on Mondays. Tuesdays. Wednesdays, and all the remaining days of the week.

I've hibernated for the past Raya's and independence day's week. That's nine days break including both the weekends with only two off days used. Nine days - you can imagine my "first day of work". And I still have over ten days left before the end of the year!

Guess I'll have more blues for the coming new year.


  1. different people see mondays different. here's an optimistic take from Jemima's blog:

    hope it works for you.

  2. If we put into that context, well, then, yeah.

    That solved a seventh of the problem. What about the rest of the days, doc?